Our school offers an early-start, full immersion, dual language education to students through the middle school (8th grade – US / 4è France).  The instruction follows the official guidelines of the French Ministry of Education as well as the American core standards of education for the State of Florida. 

Annual Assessment testing is administered in the Spring for the American educational program, using the most-used third party testing IOWA by independent schools in U.S.  The “Evaluations nationales” created by the French Ministry of Education are administered to our students at the end of the school year.  

F.L.E (Francais Langue Etrangère) is a program we offer to non-french students joining FAIS in the 2nd grade or above. This program is the same that is provided to students who have moved to France, in French schools.  It allows the student to build a foundation of the French language, at his/her own pace before being re-integrated into the full French program.  F.L.E. students are taken out of their regular class during French section and follow a special curriculum with FLE certified teachers.  

E,S,O.L (English second language learner) is a program widely offered in American schools to non English speakers. This program is available to students on a case by case basis. 

In addition, as a small private school we are able to follow closely the needs of each individual student. Our classes are small and teachers’ assistants are made available in most classes.  

We offer a full French program for half of the school day, and English for the other half. Both programs teach language arts, reading and writing, Mathematics and History. Courses in Science, Social Studies, Geography, computer lab, P.E., music and Art are alternated between French and English during the respective class time. In addition, an introductory course of Spanish / Italian is offered once a week.

Our classes are all equipped with computers , laptops and tablets.   A full computer lab is available for classes K and up on a weekly basis for the Technology course.

The French teachers and American (English) teachers  work closely together to cover all subjects, and make sure that both of the curriculums’ requirements are met.

For a full French Curriculum description, click here 

For a full English Curriculum description, click here

For information on the Curriculum of the Middle School click here



Students are required to wear the appropriate school uniform: This includes polo or collared shirts (short or long sleeved) : white, red or navy blue; slacks, skirts, skorts, khaki shorts: navy, tan or grey; sweaters and cardigans, jackets: can be worn over uniforms, but must be of solid color white, red, or navy.

An optional P.E. school uniform is available for purchase and consists of a FAIS t-shirt and gym shorts.  This uniform may be worn in lieu of the regular school uniform on P.E. days. Tennis shoes are required for P.E. class participation.

Each student receives a logo polo shirt upon enrollment.  The FAIS logo polo is required to be worn on all school field trips, academic inspections and class picture days. 

Shoes:  Students must wear sensible, closed shoes such as : lace-up Hush Puppies, Mary Janes, Ballet Flats or tennis shoes. 

Click below to view our school’s uniform items and to order items (with or without logo).  Uniforms provided by : FrenchToast

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